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Restraint of Trade & Confidentiality

Restraint of Trade Agreements

We assist your business in drafting, reviewing and enforcing restraint of trade agreements.

Our Restraint of trade agreements are tailored to protect your business by limiting former employees to compete with your business or from disclosing confidential business information.

Our Lawyers will work closely with your business to ensure that the restraint of trade agreements will be enforceable, reasonable and tailored to your business’s needs.

Confidentiality Agreements

We provide employers with assistance in drafting and reviewing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. These agreements are essential to protecting your business’s trade secrets, intellectual property, client lists and sensitive information. Our lawyers will ensure that these agreements offer adequate protection and comply with relevant employment laws.

How We Help

At Workwise Employment Lawyers we only advise in workplace law. Our commitment is to provide you and your business with the very best advice and support possible, so you’re empowered to make the best decisions for your circumstance.