Workwise Employment Lawyers

Award Audits, Pay Audits & Underpayments


We offer comprehensive audits of Award coverage and pay roll practices to ensure your business/organisation is compliant with workplace legislation.

We offer 3 different types of audits:

  1. Award Audit- we audit all relevant Awards and provide you with a legal opinion to identify the most appropriate Award(s) covering your business and employees.
  2. Award Classification Audit- Once the most appropriate Award(s) covering the business and the employees are determined, we review the duties of each position in the organisation against the Award classifications to identify the relevant level/classification of each position.
  3. Time and Wage Audit – We review the organisation’s current pay rates and the roster of the employees and compare them against the Award pay rates and entitlements to ensure that the organisation is compliant with the minimum entitlements under the Award.

Underpayment Claims

In the event that an employer is found to be utilising the incorrect Award or underpaying an employee, the employer may face claims to backpay the outstanding amounts as well as penalties ($18,780 per contravention for individuals and $93,900 per contravention for companies).

Our lawyers provide practical advice to rectify these underpayment claims and minimise the potential risk of litigation by exploring out of Court settlement options and alternative dispute resolution methods.

Where the matter proceeds to litigation, our experienced lawyers provide representation and advocacy for employers to defend underpayment claims.